Parents & Students

TIPS for WES Parents and Students

SCHOOL STARTING TIME: Breakfast Starts at 8:15AM and it is FREE for all students at WES. Students can be dropped off at car riders at 8:15AM if they are eating breakfast. Other students should be dropped off beginning at 8:30AM. The tardy bell will ring at 8:55AM - students should be in class by that time.

BUSES: Arrive at the bus stop 5 - 10 minutes before the schedule bus time in the morning. It will take the buses a few days to get the schedule streamlined so there may be some variation with times. Buses will begin dropping off students at 8:15AM for breakfast. Buses should leave the school by 3:25PM, but expect some delays on the first few days of school. Make sure your student knows their bus number and the animal logo associated with the bus. Bus drivers will not let Kindergarten students off the bus unless a parent/guardian is at the bus stop to pick up that child.

UNIFORMS: Students are required to wear school uniforms at all Flagler Schools. The solid shirt colors for WES are BLUE, RED, BLACK, GRAY, and WHITE. Bottoms should be solid colors with no stripes or large logos and can be DENIM (JEANS), KHAKI, BLACK, GRAY, NAVY BLUE, or WHITE. The official Flagler School uniform policy can be found at:

CAR RIDERS: Parents/Guardians need to obtain a Car Rider # and tag for their students- the student will also be assigned to an A or B location. Students can be dropped off starting at 8:15AM and picked up starting at 3:20PM. Please be patient during the few days as the children (and parents) learn the process. Parents/Guardians should follow the flow of traffic and remain in their vehicles. It helps to have your child memorize his/her Car Rider number.

LUNCH: School lunch prices are the same for all the elementary schools: $1.80 for regular lunch and $0.40 for reduced lunch. If you think that your child qualifies for reduced or free lunch, you can apply online using the form found at:

SCHOOL EXPECTATIONS: It may help to review the school's PURR expectations with your student as he/she is adjusting to a new school year:

                               Positive Attitude

                               Understand Differences in Others

                               Ready, Set, Prepared

                               Respectful and Responsible Students

HELP: If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask! The staff at WES is here to make your student's learning experience as successful as possible! The school's phone number is (386) 446-6720 and office hours are 8:00AM - 4:00PM.

If you have any questions please contact your son or daughter's teacher for more information.