About Us


Our Mission 

     Wadsworth Elementary is dedicated to partnering with parents to prepare our children for success in an ever-changing world. We build our students' self-esteem and confidence by engaging them in interesting, interactive and challenging learning activities with multiple opportunities for success. Our students' education is customized to facilitate every child reaching their full academic potential and becoming a life-long learner.
Student Success
     We envision all Wadsworth Elementary School Students scoring on grade level or higher in every subject. In addition, it is expected that every student show a minimum of one years growth. We provide all students with the support they need to experience success and make academic growth.
     Through our Response to Intervention, or Multi-tiered Levels of Support, our student's progress is tracked and graphed to ensure their success. Flexible grouping time is provided to make sure every student is challenged. To accomplish this, we use research-based strategies and apply them with organized focus. 
     Celebrating success is so important in shaping the study habits and learning of our students. We hold quarterly Awards Ceremonies along with two evening Terrific Kids programs sponsored by our Flagler/Palm Coast Kiwanis Club.


     The precepts of respect, responsibility, persistence and fairness are instilled in our students as part of their education. We are a PURR school.

                                        Positive Attitude

                                        Understand Differences in Others

                                        Ready, Set, Prepared

                                        Respectful and Responsible Students

     This creates a structured, nurturing environment in which they can learn. We also have a Positive Behavior Support System designed to help students modify their behavior using positive methods such as our mentor program.



Striving To Become The Nations Premiere Learning Organization