Donations from Flagler County Dropped off in Bay County

Monday, November 5, 2018 - 3:17pm

A caravan of buses, box trucks, and other vehicles loaded with storm donations made a quick trip to Panama City last week. It was all to help Bay District Schools as they prepared to reopen the schools they could following Hurricane Michael, which slammed the Florida panhandle more than three weeks ago.

Flagler Schools donated three surplus buses, along with surplus desks, chairs, and books. Several schools and student groups also raised money to donate directly to the Flagler County Education Foundation's drive or to purchase school or cleaning supplies. In just a day-and-a-half, Flagler County citizens helped load the buses, as well as the box trucks with supplies specifically needed for students in Bay County.

Flagler Schools thanks the Flagler County Education Foundation, Flagler Technical Institute, Flagler Broadcasting, and Winn-Dixie for their quick work in putting together the supply drive. We also want to thank the students and teachers who contributed as well as Flagler School employees who tracked down the surplus equipment, got it all ready for transport, loaded it, drove it over to Bay County, and then helped unload it all. 

The accomanying video is just a small sample of the work that went into helping our neighbors in the panhandle.

If you would like to contribute to the Flagler County Education Foundation's storm-relief efforts, click this link and in the dropdown menu, check "Hurricane Michael Relief." Funds raised will go to the Bay District School's Education Foundation to help them purchase items their students and schools may still need.

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